A Suite of Tools

We offer methods to evaluate your company on a number of levels.

Improve Financial Health
Regardless of how much business you’re doing, your numbers speak for themselves. Our rigorous financial analysis will pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses in your company’s economy, and illuminate areas of potential. We use this information to develop a proactive plan to shore up waste, minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Boost Morale and Productivity
We provide insight into how you can best utilize your human resources. Are you familiar with all your employees’ capabilities, experience levels and preferences? We know how to find the hidden talents in your organization and dispatch them appropriately to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Introduce Harmony
The Advanced DISC Model is an evaluative tool, which gives unprecedented insight into the personalities in your workplace. You will be able to reduce tension, improve professional relationships and even increase sales.

Hire with Confidence
Using the same principles that apply to your current staff's interpersonal relationships, you can identify and attract the best candidates for your positions. Introducing the right individual to your operation enhances team development and reduces turnover.
Case Study:

Kingpins Bowl & Brew, Inc.,
Kingpins Franchise Company, Inc. Athens, GA
Owner: Ed Connolly

Two years ago I came to realize that as a small business owner I had acquired tunnel vision. I was so enveloped in the day to day operations and growth management that I felt I was too close to the situation to have the kind of perspective and energy needed to tackle the various administration and marketing issues, as well as future planning so vital to the profitability and success of my business.

As I had no business partners and multiple turnovers in my management team I decided to look outside my operation for counsel. To that end, my research led me to GBSC, and its owner Patti Guerzo.

Patti’s knowledge, enthusiasm, goal oriented problem solving approach is amazing. I quickly realized I had found a firm that not only understood what I needed to be successful but how to achieve that success.
This procedure helped everyone understand themselves, each other, and how to work through their challenging business issues.

In working with GBSC, Kingpins achieved true and profitable results in the short and long term. Personally, I learned to develop a new approach to my small business to seek lower operations costs, higher profits, and avoid tunnel vision.

“Patti's behavioral toolbox showed me how to advertise for the right person to work in my law office. It saved me time and energy, and attracted a great hire."



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