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Our objective is to put everything you need within your reach, from developing your own skills, to trusting in the skills of others.

Executive Enrichment
GBSC conducts a la carte training for busy executives who wish to expand their own areas of proficiency. Currently we’re conducting seminars on the following topics:

Business-to-Consumer Marketing: How and Why It Works
Selling a Price Increase: Turning Challenge into Opportunity

Steps to Healthier Profits
Large companies regularly scrub parts of their business to improve profits, often keeping all of the profits for themselves. Small businesses can benefit from many of the same processes and ideas.

How To Get the Most Out Of Your Employees
Research shows that employees who feel valued by their employers are more willing to contribute ideas, become more company loyal, and have lower absenteeism rates. The owner’s communication style may not convey the high value they place on their team, and small changes can have a big impact.

Please let us know if you have interest in other areas.

Tap into Our Network

GBSC serves clients throughout the Midwest area. We refer potential clients outside this area to our more accessible associates.

Our job isn’t done until you’ve achieved your goals. To that end, we’ve cultivated a number of relationships with talented, reliable and economical vendors to ensure you an exceptional level of support at the lowest cost to you.

We personally recommend the following individuals:

Paiges Copywriting

Circle Imagine (Logos, graphic design)

Monroestar, Inc. (Web Design)

Photos By Garbot (Photographer)

Fuor Digital (SEM)

Belmont Blooms (Florist)

Sima Kirsch, P.C. (Attorney)

CEDLP (Low Income Attorney)

Natural Order Staging (Stager)

American Eagle Pest Elimination, Inc. (773 549-7320)

3W Trideation

Nexus Business Solutions (Market Research)

Studio for Change (Therapy)

Chef on Call Chicago (Catering)

Tom (Non-Profit Fundraising)

Should the need arise for a service not listed here, we will assist you in locating an appropriate vendor.

Psychological Benefits

Don't let negativity or problems prevent you from feeling successful. Through objective analysis and discussion, you can overcome obstacles in your path and embrace a more positive, more productive outlook.
"We expected someone to come in and make more work for us, but right away we could see how much time Patti's suggestions would save. She surprised us again by diving in to help us implement her plans. Outstanding!”



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