The Perfect Fit: A Customized Approach

After our initial consultation, you will understand how working with GBSC will get your company where you want it to be. At that point, we will consider how much support is necessary.

Work is completed both on-site and in our offices throughout the process. Support ranges from on-site meetings with owners or employees, to independent work, to telephone coaching sessions. We use proven tools to ensure optimal results for any initiative.

Once major issues have been resolved, many clients choose to continue the relationship, just to check in and maintain the integrity of ongoing operations within the framework of their strategic plan.

Integrity and Commitment: Ours and Yours

If your company is having problems, the last thing you need is a high-priced consultant to come in, disrupt your workflow, then vanish, leaving only a long list of chores and an exorbitant invoice behind.

GBSC is different. We want to work side-by-side with individuals who are willing to learn and take logical, manageable steps to bring about positive change.
Case Study:

Wishing Wear
Children's Specialty Clothing

Wishing Wear was a great concept, but as a new business it lacked a viable path to profitability.

GBSC developed a strategy consisting of practical and applicable initiatives, and helped to implement each step along the way.

Wishing Wear gained distribution in a major retail chain. After the first year the business was profitable and the owner was comfortable enough rolling with changes to go alone.
“I knew my therapy practice just needed a tweak here or there. Patti gave me the practical tools I needed to fine tune our operation.”



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